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Show Schedule 2017


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COMING SOON: Full-length shows re-broadcast for London time!


 Feb. 10th @8:30pmCST: Pre-recorded live show with guest BROTHER EUSTACE
 Broadcast date yet to be announced.
 June 3rd @8:30pmCST: Live show with guests Humphrey-McKeown

 June 10th @8:30pmCST: Live show with guest BRYCE HITCHCOCK
 July 8th @8:30pmCST: Live show with guests SOUR MASH STRING BAND
 July 15th @2:00pmCST: Pre-recorded live show with guests: National recording artists LUCINDA &   MICHAEL  Broadcast date yet to be announced.
 July 29th @8:30pmCST: Live show with guest STEFF MAHAN
 August 22nd @2:00pmCST: Pre-recorded live show with guests LIZ FRAME AND THE KICKERS
 Broadcast date yet to be announced.


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